Haven’t got enough? Here’s more:

Even after writing that long introduction about myself, there still remain a few basic things untold. So here they are:


MAKEUP_20160514001616_saveFirstly, this is what I look like. Don’t judge me! Please.


  • Alive since?
  • 01st February, 1998


  • Which place do you bless with your presence?
  • Durgapur, West Bengal.


  • What are you doing with your life?
  • Well, I am supposed to study in standard 12, though am not quite sure if studying is what i do.


  • What do you do besides ‘STUDYING’?
  • I actually really really love breathing, like to such an extent that i do it ALL THE TIME, I am not even kidding. I am also very passionate about sleeping, and i am getting better at it with practice. Also I have this new fascination towards awkward death stares. Yeah that’s pretty much it…BTW, dancing, karaoke, watching YouTube videos and trying out DIYs interest me too.


  • Music Interests?
  • Into Pop music. Duh.


  • Food preferences?
  • Well, I am NOT A FOODIE. I actually don’t even feel hungry unless it is 4am. Weird. I don’t understand this.


At this moment, I don’t remember anything else which would be relevant. I shall keep adding to this,  whenever anything strikes my head. Peace.